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Webinar: Data on Driving Cloud Adoption  See the data on the progress of cloud business model adoption in the channel  ecosystem. Watch the Recording
Webinar: Data on Driving Cloud Adoption  See the data on the progress of cloud business model adoption in the channel  ecosystem. Watch the Recording
Webinar: Reflections, Predictions & Priorities  As another year ends, our CEO Diane Krakora and Forrester Analyst Jay McBain  discuss the last year in channel and make predictions for 2019. Watch the Video
Webinar: Prioritize the Partner Experience  In stage 4 of the partner journey, solution providers engage in a relationship  with a vendor. Learn the elements of creating a good partner experience to  increase partner engagement. Watch Now
Webinar: Why should partners choose you?  In the third stage of the partner journey, solution providers have narrowed  down their options. Now it’s decision time. Watch Now
Leveraging Power & Influence Productively  Learn how to navigate office politics and how to use your power effectively. Summer Series: Lesson 4
Confronting Nonperformance  Learn how to handle team members who aren't making the grade. Summer Series: Lesson 3
Coach Your Team to Succeed  Learn how to give effective feedback and motivate your team. Summer Series: Lesson 2
Become a Better Communicator  Learn how to link your team to the company vision/goals, aligning team  expectations and effective goal setting. Summer Series: Lesson 1
Webinar: Do Partners Consider You?  In the second stage of the partner journey, solution providers evaluate  products, technologies and/or companies to meet their needs Watch Now
5 Stages of the Partner Journey  Learn about a lifecycle approach and better engage the next generation of  solution providers. Explore the Journey
Webinar: Continuously recruiting partners?  In the first stage of the partner journey, solution providers are exploring  new products, technologies and/or vendors. Watch Now
Webinar: 5 Stages of the Partner Journey  If you are looking to engage the NexGen of channels, you need to adopt a  lifecycle approach Watch Now
Webinar: Partnering Is Personal  More personalized relationships with your channel partners are on the horizon Watch Now
Webinar: 5 Ways to Be A Better Boss  Foster happier, more engaged employees which leads to better results – and  more fun at work! Watch Now
Webinar: Partner Program Benchmark Data  The vendor perspective on our yearly study of channel program trends. Watch Now
Partner Program Benchmark Data  Download all the State of Partnering data and tips to grow your channel in  2018. See the Research
Webinar: 2018 State of Partnering Data  The partner perspective on our yearly study of channel program trends. Watch Now
Webinar: 3 Experts Chat Channel Trends for 2018  Our annual webinar looking at how far the channel has come in the last year  and the predictions on top priorities going forward. Watch Now
Webinar: Measure Performance  Load up on metrics and get top tips on how to measure partner performance. Watch Now
Webinar: 5 Program Policies  See the recording and slides for a deeper look at which program elements  effect the partners' experience, engagement and sales. Watch Now
Webinar: Managing Multiple Channel Models  See the recording and slides for a deeper look at how to juggle several types  of partners. Watch Now
Webinar: Automate the Experience  See the recording and slides for a deeper look at how to automate a great  partner experience. Watch Now
Channel Management Roles  Take an in-depth look at the importance of your Partner Development Managers. Download Now
Report: Driving Cloud Transitions  Download this 40-page report with detailed survey results and action items on  every page! Download Now
Webinar: Enable Partners  See the recording and slides for a deeper look at enablement and how it  affects partner experience. Watch Now
Webinar: People Affect Partner Experience  See the recording and slides to understand how people in your organization are  critical to partner experience. Watch Now
The 6 Pillars of Partner Experience  Learn how to strengthen your partner relationships in a changing channel world. See the Research
Webinar: 2017 State of Partnering Results  Watch the recording and download the slides of our first look at the new State  of Partnering data. Watch Now
Webinar: Looking Forward, Looking Back  Watch and listen to the year-end wrap up and predictions for 2017. Watch Now
Webinar: Grow Sales with Partner Marketing  Hear 7 tips on helping partners succeed with marketing. Watch Now
ROI Calculator  How much money do you invest to increase partner sales and increase channel  return? Do the math!
Webinar: 6 Things Ruining Partner Experience  Don't lose partners to a bad experience. Take steps to increase engagement. Watch Now
Webinar: Data to Drive Decisions  What data will give you the best insights into channel performance? Watch Now
Webinar: Top 10 Channel Mistakes  Find out the common mistakes vendors make and how to avoid them. Watch Now
Webinar: The Evolving Role of the PAM  Hear how the role of the PAM is shifting to ensure partner success. Watch Now
Webinar: Individualized Enablement  Hear benefits and challenges of aligning enablement to partner business needs. Watch Now
Quiz: Is your channel cloud ready?  How far down the road are you toward a new and successful cloud partnering  model? Take the quiz
Webinar: Marketing Musts  Empower your channels with digital and customer lifecycle marketing. Watch Now
Whitepaper: Why, When & What to Automate  Get practical information on how to use automation to improve your core  channel strategy. Download Now
Maximize Partner Profitability  Our state of partnering study presents solution provider perspectives and  vendor gaps in measuring profitability. Download Now
Webinar: Role of Distribution  What is the future value of distributors to vendors and solution providers? Watch Now
Whitepaper: Best Practices in Partner Automation  In this brief, learn three best practices to launch an effective PRM solution. Download Now
Quiz: How mature is your channel?  Find out if you're novice or channel-centric & next steps for your partner  growth. Take the quiz
Report: 10 Trends for a 2020 Vision  10 Trends, 24 pages & countless insights to help prepare your channel for the  future. Get It Now
Report: 10 Priorities for Deal Registration  In this eBook discover best practices from years of deal reg consulting  with hundreds of companies. Download Now
Guide: MDF InSights  Read our analysis of MDF practices. Download Now
Whitepaper: Six New Trends in Enablement  Download "The New Enablement" and learn about six areas to improve your  partner enablement today. Download Now
Report: 10 Paths to Elevate Partner Impact  Read our State of Partnering study evaluating economic, cloud and enablement  effects on your channel. Download Now
Guide: Two-Tier Distribution  This primer is a must-read for anyone considering engaging two-tier  distribution. Download Now
Tools: Partner Types Defined  Check out a handy reference sheet on partner types, segmentations & value  propositions. Download Now
Webinar: Resale vs. Referral  As the traditional resale channel changes – how is cloud changing partner  roles? Watch Now
Webinar: The Vendor/Partner Power Shift  Featuring 2016 State of Partnering data, hear how channel partners are gaining  the power. Watch Now
Build a World-Class Partner Management Team  In this report we identify the roles, skills and models you'll need to build  an awesome team. Download Now
Webinar: 2016 State of Partnering Overview  Hear about the key metrics and takeaways from the 2016 trends in partnering  report. Watch Now
Webinar: Predict and Plan for Change in 2016  Watch the recording for a look at channel changes in 2015 and top priorities  going forward. Watch Now
Webinar: Boost Your Deal Registration  Look at 10 ways you can use automation to accelerate your channel sales with  opportunity registration. Watch Now
Webinar: 6 Steps to Automating Partner Readiness  Listen to our webinar and explore how to automate partner enablement in six  simple steps. Watch Now
Recording: Pitfalls in Your Portal  Replay the recording to hear 8 ways partner portals fail to engage partners. Watch Now
Webinar: Why, When & What to Automate  Hear how to get started with partner automation and how it accelerates sales. Watch Now
Recording: Managing Cloud Partners  Part 5: The 3 key transformations to effectively and efficiently manage your  partners. Watch Now
Recording: Empowering Cloud Partners  Part 4: Dive into partner enablement in the cloud. Watch Now
Recording: Engage Your Cloud Partners  Part 3: Identify the essential steps to start engaging partners. Watch Now
Recording: The Role of Partners in Cloud  Part 2: Explore partner roles in cloud solutions. Watch Now
Recording: 2015 State of Partnering Overview  Part 1: A discussion on profitability, cloud and enablement. Watch Now
Webinar: Channel Trends for 2015  Listen to our annual channel chat and discover the top channel trends  affecting your models and programs. Watch Now
Webinar: Measure Partner Performance  Do not miss this recording if you plan to scale your business. Produce more  with the same resources! Watch Now
Webinar: Cloud Profitability Part 2  Listen to our discussion and get your partners enabled for selling your cloud  solutions. Watch Now
Webinar: Cloud Profitability Part 1  Listen as we uncover the core issues underlying cloud transition and  enablement. Watch Now
Webinar: Deal Reg Success Part 2  Listen to our conclusion on the 10 steps to designing effective deal  registration programs. Watch Now
Webinar: Deal Reg Success Part 1  Listen to the first 5 of our 10 steps to designing effective deal registration  programs. Watch Now
Webinar: Partner View on Partner Profitability  Get insight from partners and state of partnering data on how channel  relationships affect profitability. Watch Now
Webinar: Vendor View on Partner Profitability  Hear the vendor perspective on understanding partner profitability with State  of Partnering data. Watch Now
Webinar: Looking Back on 2013 and Forward to 2014  Listen to our annual roundup of what's happened in the channel and  expectations for the new year. Watch Now
Webinar: Enablement – The Vendor Perspective  Listen to part two of our discussion on trends in partner enablement with  input from the vendor side. Watch Now
Webinar: Enablement – Partner Perspective  Listen to part one of our discussion on trends in partner enablement with  input from partners. Watch Now
Webinar: Lessons in Leadership  Want to be a Channel Chief? Listen to our discussion with 3 channel leaders on  their experiences. Watch Now
Webinar: The MDF Lowdown  Listen to two industry guests discuss the key points of MDF InSight. Watch Now
Webinar: Elevate Partner Impact, Part 2  Listen to a partner's perspective on engagement models and how they can be  improved. Watch Now
Webinar: Elevate Partner Impact, Part 1  This webinar presents the vendor view on how engagement models are working and  could be improved. Watch Now