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The Passion Behind Our Team

Meet the people behind our solution and learn our story, mission, vision and – what we do for fun. It's hundreds of years of channel and technology experience all rolled into one fantastic team.


A classic tale of a bootstrapped SaaS startup in Silicon Valley … 

Diane Krakora (our fearless leader) spent years witnessing how channels and alliances could be strategic to a company’s successful and scalable growth. She realized that, to be harnessed correctly, partnerships needed representation in the c-suite. So in 1998, she founded a channel consulting company called Amazon Consulting (back in 1998 that name had little competition). Diane’s goal was to elevate the impact of partnering within organizations. Her vision was that every company would have a Chief Channel Officer, an executive to watch over the health and well-being of partnerships. She knew channel-centric companies would reap the benefits of increased reach, sales leverage, scalability and customer delight.

After eight years of consulting with companies of all sizes and channel maturity levels, she realized most were struggling for effective partner engagement and collaboration tools. Companies like Apple, HP, Dell, Mercury Interactive, Opsware, and Phoenix Technologies were using spreadsheets to identify their partners and contacts. Partner managers all had different expectations, different criteria and different processes for engaging partners (ugh). And channel sales-tracking was jerry-rigged through clunky CRM systems. We’d like to say lightening struck, but it was more like smacking into a brick wall over and over. These companies needed a simple, flexible and scalable solution to effectively communicate and collaborate with partners. It seems obvious now, but in 2006, this felt like rocket science.


Our software is born!

We built custom software for about a dozen of our consulting customers. Each customer had an individual instance of the software that mirrored their (often horrific) processes and policies. We got amazing feedback from customers and partners during those early years of custom-built solutions – an intuitive interface and self-administration were key to partner adoption.

Our new custom software accelerated partner engagement and sales, and now we had the data to prove how the systems elevated partner performance. Partners loved the interface; administrators loved the ease-of-use and self-service capabilities. One problem: it wasn’t scalable. Each customer had a custom deployment which took us months to set up and a whole team of engineers to support.

So here comes the exciting part. With the support of our customers, we stopped deploying new features and functionality. We effectively took the solution off the market for two years, invested a ton of bootstrapped money (out of our revenues) and built a deployable, multi-tenant SaaS solution. Welcome to the brand new world of SaaS.


And lo, it was called PartnerPath!

In the middle of 2013, we wound down Amazon Consulting and started up PartnerPath. We leveraged our 15 years of channel consulting expertise to build, market, sell, deploy and support the PRM solution which provides the best engagement experience for your channel partners.

But fear not, we still consult on partner programs, frameworks and best practice trends. (Our love for the channel knows no bounds.) Our consulting keeps us on the razor’s edge of channel expertise, including trends and industry developments, which in turn helps us deliver a SaaS solution that drives efficient processes and collaboration to for better partner engagement.

Deploying and expanding a SaaS solution which drives channel engagement also gives us access to great vendor and partner data. (Another not-so-secret passion of Diane’s is data.) We aggregate this market data to provide our customers with industry benchmarks and insights.

Ultimately, our customers benefit from our PRM solutions as well as our consulting as we hold fast to our mission to elevate the impact of their partnering. Better tools and systems will continue to increase the importance of partnering, earning channels a seat at the c-suite. Whether your company is a start-up or 100% channel, we’re 100% focused on your growth.

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