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About PartnerPath

We believe it takes an entire company to partner effectively; that partnering is strategic to the growth and profitability of any company and thus deserves to be a ‘C-level’ concern.

A Passion for Channel Partnering

Diane-Krakora.jpgDiane Krakora spent years witnessing how channels and alliances could be strategic to a company’s successful and scalable growth. She realized that, to be harnessed correctly, partnerships needed representation in the c-suite. So in 1998, she founded a channel consulting company called Amazon Consulting (back in 1998 that name had little competition). Diane’s goal was to elevate the impact of partnering within organizations. Her vision was that every company would have a Chief Channel Officer, an executive to watch over the health and well-being of partnerships. She knew channel-centric companies would reap the benefits of increased reach, sales leverage, scalability and customer delight.

One name change, over 300 customers and 20+ years later, PartnerPath consults on partner programs, models and best practice trends. Our love for the channel knows no bounds. Our consulting keeps us on the razor’s edge of channel expertise, including trends and industry developments, and we are excited by opportunities to drive improved partner experiences and engagement. With technology changing rapidly, cloud disrupting traditional channel programs and new partner types joining the channel, we enjoy the challenge of helping our customers design partner ecosystems for the future. Whether your company is a start-up or 100% channel, we’re 100% focused on your growth.

Our Approach

PartnerPath is the right solution for companies seeking to improve the quality and quantity of profitable partner relationships. Our work is structured to produce practical, no-nonsense program offerings and partner engagement models.

We’ve built a one-of-a-kind reputation, based on these elements:

  • Singular Focus – partnerships is not just one thing we do, it’s ALL we do. Our laser sharp focus on channels and alliances  makes us uniquely qualified to zero-in on what matters most.
  • Deep Expertise – decades of experience guiding high tech companies in their partnering models across dozens of technology segments.
  • Actionable Approach – we deliver real world research and analysis, street smart strategies, innovative program designs, and trusted program management services.
  • We’ve Been in Your Shoes – our team has experience in every channel and partner-related job function. We know the pitfalls inherent in getting things done in corporate environments and take great pride in making recommendations which allow you to execute now, and experience results both immediately and over time.
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