5 Stages of the Partner Journey

In the digital age, the partner is in the driver's seat as they build the full solutions the customers are expecting. If you are looking to recruit, engage, empower, motivate, manage and support solution provider partners to grow sales, you'll need to adopt a lifecycle approach.

Like the customer buying-decision, data shows about 60% of a solution provider’s decision on what products to market, sell and support is completed before they engage in a vendor’s enrollment process.

Listen to PartnerPath CEO Diane Krakora and special guest Dominic Grillo, President of regional solution provider Atrion Communications in lively discussion on the 5 Stages of the Partner Journey. Journey Cycle.png

Diane-Krakora.jpg Host Diane Krakora, CEO at PartnerPath
Dom-Grillo-150 Panelist Dominic Grillo President at Atrion Communications
Carol Giles Neslund Carol Giles Neslund, Principal at PartnerPath

Partner Journey

Rafael Contreras

Powerful Partner Feedback

“The information PartnerPath provided was valuable and helpful throughout the entire process. The feedback collected from our partners and shared prior was extremely helpful and strategic and the wrap-up/post data is critical to us as we drive initiatives forward. It will be (and has already been) used over and over in conversations with leadership and partners!”
Rafael Contreras | Area Vice President, Global Operations, Strategy and Chief of Staff