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Do you need an extra pair of hands to execute faster? We believe that without flawless execution a brilliant plan is only worth the paper it’s printed (or screen it's displayed) on. Life is 80% execution and 20% planning. We get it done. Fast. Efficiently.

Process Design & Documentation   |   Program Materials & Playbooks
Partner Marketing Plans & Execution   |   Partner Program Templates
Smart Partnering Hands

Process Design & Documentation

Are partners frustrated with processes, policies and bureaucracy? Do you need to streamline the partner experience? We improve processes to make you easy-to-do-business with.

Our team of experts will:

  • Assess current process flows and partner touch points.
  • Recommended policy changes to remove friction and improve the partner experience.
  • Engage cross functionally to ensure organizational agreement and alignment.
  • Document new processes with checklists and flowcharts.
For more information, contact our team.

Program Materials & Playbooks

Are you looking to effectively engage and empower partners? We create the materials to communicate to partners what to expect when partnering with you.

Allow us to:

  • Define the partner personas, journey and materials needed at each stage in the journey for each persona.
  • Quickly produce partner program guide(s) to communicate the engagement expectations and benefits.
  • Create partner success stories, press releases and recruitment pitches.
  • Develop presentations, videos and documents to onboard and ramp partners.
For more information, contact our team.

Partner Marketing Plans & Execution

Do you need to drive more demand from partners? We develop a robust plan and execute through-, with- and to-partner marketing activities.

We will work with you to:

  • Create a prioritized partner marketing plan to elevate communications, engagement and demand generation in partners.
  • Craft tactical resources to develop demand generation campaigns for your partners. We can also work with the partners to ensure adoption, usage and success of these marketing campaigns.
  • Develop a methodology and tools to evaluate partner marketing potential and performance in order to prioritize and optimize partner planning and investment.
For more information, contact our team.

Partner Program Templates

Do you need to quickly get a base-level partner program up and running? We offer material templates to jump start your partnering efforts:

  • We provide a host of editable documents to start you partner ecosystem from being 'Ready,' to 'Recruiting' and 'Ramping' partners to 'Running' the program.
  • Each template is purchased separately – buy only what you need.
  • Our PowerPoint documents include slide headings and a description of what should be included on each slide.
For more information, contact our team.

Smart Partnering Hands

Are you looking for help driving a strategy, formalizing growth goals, executing program launches, initiatives or processes? We provide highly experienced partnering resources to help you execute more initiatives with less resources.

  • We offer three levels of experienced partner development resources on a retainer basis: associate, expert and chief executive.
    • An associate level resource (Senior Manager) to finalize program processes, create automation workflows, produce and manage program launch timeline and activities.
    • An expert level resource (Director) to formalize partnering growth goals and budgets, articulate channel strategy and facilitate partner program discussions and decisions.
    • A fractional partnering executive (Vice President) to define internal roles, responsibilities and KPIs across the team, align team to partnering strategy and goals and manage team on a part-time basis.
For more information, contact our team.
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