Discover how solution providers choose and grow with new vendors.

Follow the compelling story of one technology services firm as they embark on a quest to find, engage and grow with a new vendor.

  • Learn from the experiences of 120 solution providers surveyed. See how they identify, evaluate, and establish relationships with new vendors.
  • Get practical tips on increasing your visibility to attract potential partners and learn why it's so important.
  • Understand the critical factors solution providers consider, such as product strength, services opportunities, and ROI, to ensure profitable partnerships.

From the initial awareness stage to the critical decision-making process, and all the way through the growth stage, this report offers a comprehensive overview of the partner journey. You'll understand the steps, decisions, and strategies that lead to successful partnerships. Spend a few minutes in one solution provider's shoes and walk away with action items how to improve your own partner relationships.


Rafael Contreras

Powerful Partner Feedback

“The information PartnerPath provided was valuable and helpful throughout the entire process. The feedback collected from our partners and shared prior was extremely helpful and strategic and the wrap-up/post data is critical to us as we drive initiatives forward. It will be (and has already been) used over and over in conversations with leadership and partners!”
Rafael Contreras | Area Vice President, Global Operations, Strategy and Chief of Staff