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We've taken decades of data and best practices and created methodologies to help you evaluate where your company fits on the spectrum from partnering novice to channel centric.

What is the savings and return on investing in PRM?

Whether you're looking to increase partner engagement, grow your partner ecosystem, create self-sufficient partners, drive additional revenue or save money (or all of the above!), it’s helpful to know how much to invest and what your return will be.

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Are you ready to sell cloud through the channel?

The partnering model for selling cloud is different than for selling traditional on-premise software, hardware or services. How far down the road are you toward a new and successful cloud partnering model?

Answer questions in 4 topic areas and find out!

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How mature is your channel?

This isn't a measurement of 7th-grade antics versus mid-life maturity (though that would be fun), but rather a metric to understand where your organization falls on the spectrum of engagement and progress on the channel ecosystem ladder.

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