Dive into the ongoing financial investments.

“My IT team is requiring us to use Salesforce,” is a line we’ve heard many times across a spectrum of our clients. Should you choose Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) or Communities for your partner automation solution because your IT team is highly invested in Salesforce?

There are more elements to evaluate in the Salesforce PRM than licenses and IT familiarity. What will your investment look like in the first 2 years? How have other customers been pleased or surprised with their investments? Will the end-result be a good partner experience?

Watch Diane Krakora and Darren Bibby, Head of Partner Experience at Shopify, discuss our recent quantitative and qualitative research from customers. They review the licensing, implementation and ongoing costs of Salesforce PRM/Communities.

Darren-Bibby-120-2 Guest Darren Bibby, Head of Partner Experience at Shopify
Diane-Krakora-soft-120 Host Diane Krakora, CEO & Principal at PartnerPath

Watch Darren and Diane

Rafael Contreras

Powerful Partner Feedback

“The information PartnerPath provided was valuable and helpful throughout the entire process. The feedback collected from our partners and shared prior was extremely helpful and strategic and the wrap-up/post data is critical to us as we drive initiatives forward. It will be (and has already been) used over and over in conversations with leadership and partners!”
Rafael Contreras | Area Vice President, Global Operations, Strategy and Chief of Staff