A Partner Advisory Council (PAC) can provide deep insights to your customer needs and expectations in addition to understanding how to grow your partner leverage and performance. At first blush your executive team will be enthusiastic about connecting with key partners and provide broad buy-in. But to execute a successful PAC initiative valued by both sides – your organization and the partners involved – appropriate planning is necessary.

Listen as host Diane Krakora, PartnerPath CEO and special guest Molly Nedom, Global Partner Marketing Leader at ServiceNow, discuss how to host a successful PAC initiative valued by both your organization and the partners involved.

Having successfully finished a four-city global PAC tour, Diane and Molly bring their experience to debate questions such as:

  • which partners to include?
  • who on your team should attend?
  • what the appropriate event length?
  • what's the correct location, timing, frequency?
  • ... and the list goes on!
Diane-Krakora-soft-120 Host Diane Krakora, CEO at PartnerPath
Molly-Nedom-headshot-120 Panelist Molly NedomGlobal Partner Marketing Leader at ServiceNow

Perfect Your PAC

Rafael Contreras

Powerful Partner Feedback

“The information PartnerPath provided was valuable and helpful throughout the entire process. The feedback collected from our partners and shared prior was extremely helpful and strategic and the wrap-up/post data is critical to us as we drive initiatives forward. It will be (and has already been) used over and over in conversations with leadership and partners!”
Rafael Contreras | Area Vice President, Global Operations, Strategy and Chief of Staff