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Customers are looking for solutions to their business needs and opportunities. We want to work with like-minded companies to bring consulting, software and implementation services to customers – providing a full solution that streamlines costs and grows revenues. If your customers are eager to quickly scale their business by creating self-sufficient partners, you can deliver a big win towards their goal by partnering with us. Deepen your customer relationships and become an even more trusted advisor.

We take partnering seriously (it’s even in our name). We help you market, sell, implement and/or install a solution with your customers. You can also leverage our research and best practice papers to provide consulting and insights to educate your prospects and customers.


Our Current Partners



Averetek is the largest provider of channel marketing automation software in the world with 239,000 users from 59,000 channel partner organizations in 195 countries. Averetek is the partner-led demand generation engine for leading brands like SAP, Google, Citrix, Splunk, FireEye, and Avalara. Averetek’s clients use the platform to enable their channel partners to plan and execute a variety of marketing campaign tactics through simple workflows that generate pipeline and revenue.




Israel’s leading channel development & management agency providing end-to-end services & solutions helping companies build & accelerate their global business via indirect channel partners.



CCI | Global Channel Management

A software and managed services company providing channel expertise, program support services, and technology to create and manage global channel programs.

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