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ROI Calculator for PRM

Automating your partner relationships is an investment. What will be your savings and return?

Whether you're looking to increase partner engagement, grow your partner ecosystem, create self-sufficient partners, drive additional revenue or save money (or all of the above!), you need to know how much to invest and what to expect as the return.

Knowing the ROI will help you:ROI-calculations.jpg

  • Align expectations with your actual budget
  • Create a detailed growth plan
  • Pitch the right systems & tools to your executives

Use our handy calculator below to determine the ROI on individually automated systems or automate everything and watch your cost savings and revenue growth increase!

Program Data

Key Metrics

Total number of partners under management
Total number of quota-carrying Channel Sales Managers
% of revenue driven by partner ecosystem
Total company revenues (estimate)


Average annual fully-burdened cost of a Channel Sales Manager
Average annual fully-burdened cost of a Channel Operations staff
Average annual fully-burdened cost of an IT resource
Average sale price of a partner-led channel deal ($)


Time required to qualify new partner applications (hours/week):
Time required to look up contract terms (hours/week):
Time required to process contract renewals (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
Partners engaged per month (#):
Average revenue contribution per partner in year 1:
Revenue Gains:


Time required to send documents to partners (hours/week):
Time required to send documents not found on the portal (hours/week):
Time required to update the content on the current portal (hours/week):
Time required to assign and reset portal passwords (hours/week):
Time required to deactivate partners (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
  • Increase engagement and sales through easy access to fresh and relevant content
  • Turn Channel Sales Managers into key champions within your partners
  • Improve efficiency through understanding the most downloaded and relevant content pieces
Revenue Gains:

Deal Registration

Time processing deal registration submissions (hours/week):
Time managing deal progressions / pipeline management:
Time spent in existing tools / technology to manage deal registration program:
Time updating / tracking down additional info (hours/week):
Time creating reports and dashboards (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
Revenue Gains:

Training Paths

Time communicating training requirements and options (hours/week):
Existing tools / technology to manage sales and technical training:
Time of staff to conduct sales (4-legged sales call) training (hours/week):
Time of staff to conduct technical (over the shoulder) training (hours/week):
Time tracking training certifications (hours/week):
Time creating reports and dashboards (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
  • Increase repeat business through increased customer satisfaction
  • Increase cloud business with better understanding of your value proposition
Revenue Gains:

Business Planning

# of partner plans
Time creating partner plans (hours/week):
Time reviewing partner plans (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
% of partner audience completed plans:
Revenue Gains:


Time launching / updating programs per geography (hours/week):
Time creating marketing fund requests (hours/week):
Time reviewing / approving fund requests (hours/week):
Time processing marketing claims (hours/week):
Time tracking and reporting marketing spend
Developing spreadsheets, communicating with finance (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
  • Increase marketing activities and awareness of solutions
  • Track the ROI of marketing activities and discover where to invest additional resources
  • Determine successful partners and subsequently focus more resources to those partners
Revenue Gains:

Lead Distribution

Time qualifying leads (hours/week):
Time distributing leads to partners (hours/week):
Time updating / tracking down additional info (hours/week):
Time creating reports and dashboards (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
Increase in closed business from effective lead distribution:


Time spent updating partner profiles / directory information (hours/week):
Time updating / tracking down additional information (hours/week):
Time fostering partner-to-partner connections (hours/week):
Time connecting customers to partners (hours/week):
Cost Savings:
  • Increase sales by connecting customers easily and quickly with partners
  • Sort partners by solutions designed increasing customer engagement
  • Improve partner satisfaction with self-service and customer connection
  • Increase partner visibility and number of partners participating
Revenue Gains:
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