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What is an incredible partner model without an amazing partner experience? Unengaging. Experience drives engagement and engagement drives sales – and that’s why we’re all here. Our team will help determine which automation tools you need, navigate the options, then implement and manage solutions to ensure a rich partner experience.

Partner Experience Assessment
Systems Requirements & Recommendations

PRM Implementation   |   PRM Management

Partner Experience Assessment

Are you looking to enhance your partner experience? We create a prescriptive plan to prioritize partner automation investments.

Our team of experts will:

  • Assess the partner experience – from people to processes and automation – at each stage of a partner’s journey with you.
  • Evaluate the functionality of partner-facing systems relative to industry peers.
  • Recommend prioritized enhancements to the partner experience and/or the systems functionality.
  • Document process workflows across internal teams and your partner roles.
For more information, contact our team.

Systems Requirements & Recommendations

Are you looking for a way to automate partner engagement, empowerment and management? We create the business requirements documents and help you choose new partner automation solutions.

Rely on us to:

  • Define the partner portal/PRM personas, journey stages and use cases.
  • Document what the partner automation system must do and should do with innovative options (functional needs document).
  • Evaluate options to address the functional needs including the difficulty and timing to implement and resource needs and costs.
  • Manage the RFP process from evaluation scorecards, presentations and selection process.
For more information, contact our team.

PRM Implementation

Are you looking for industry best practices and advice on implementing partner processes through an automation solution? We help you set up your PRM system.

  • We offer two levels of implementation support depending on how many resources you have internally to make program policies decisions, define processes and load resources into the tool.
    • Assisted Implementation is guidance and collaboration above and beyond the vendor training to co-implement, resolve issues and discuss design ideas.
    • In an Optimized Implementation we lead the implementation on your behalf and with your guidance, ensuring an accelerated and positive digital experience for your partners.
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PRM Management

Do you need best practices and recommendations to optimize your partner automation experience? We are an extra pair of highly experienced hands to manage your partner automation solutions to ensure success after you launch.

  • We offer three levels of management support depending on how many resources you have internally for asset management, workflow design, support questions, usability and functionality enhancements and partner governance.
    • Administration is a base offering at 10 hours a month.
    • Management provides 20 hours a month and includes monthly design and enhancement meetings.
    • Optimization is our largest packaged offering at 40 hours a month. It includes advanced partner experience and governance recommendations.
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