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Partner Advisory Council Capabilities

Are your partners not producing the expected results? Are you seeing increasing conflict between your partners and your direct teams? Are you eager to enhance your partner relationships, improve your programs and increase sales and services? A well thought out and facilitated Partner Advisory Council is a linchpin in understanding your partner ecosystem and creating initiatives that positively impact the business.

PAC Program Design   |   Meeting Facilitation
Event Management   |   Driving Change

Make the Most Out of Your Partner Advisory Council

Partner Advisory Council Program Design

Are you starting your first Partner Advisory Council? We define the council framework and formation based on industry best practices.

Our team of experts will help you:

  • Develop the goals and strategies of a PAC.
  • Define the PAC program details.
  • Recommend council structure and governance.
  • Determine measurements of success and key dependencies.
For more information, contact our team.

Meeting Facilitation

Do you want a prioritized list of partner-recommended initiatives? We ensure unbiased feedback from your Partner Advisory Council.

Count on us to:

  • Lead a partner-only feedback and discussion session to define an unbiased prioritized list of initiatives to drive the ecosystem forward.
  • Create an overall meeting agenda with topics and timing.
  • Set expectations and prepare partner and internal attendees.
  • Manage time and agenda throughout the meeting.
For more information, contact our team.

Event Management

Are you looking for help to communicate and coordinate a professional event?  We offer experienced resources to set up and manage the event logistics.

Use our knowledgeable and friendly team to:

  • Drive all aspects of the Partner Advisory Council event – both internally and with partners.
  • Develop and present an action plan and budget to executive leadership.
  • Create participant invitations, manage the registration process and handle attendee logistics.
  • Manage content creation and internal alignment with event goals and schedule.
For more information, contact our team.

Driving Change

Do you want your Partner Advisory Council feedback to impact the business? We facilitate change in your partnering ecosystem, programs, and processes.

See lasting value as our team will:

  • Develop and manage a ‘tiger team’ to complete initiatives identified during the PAC session.
  • Determine effort and impact trade-off for the prioritized issues identified by the PAC.
  • Create and drive the activity schedule (RACI) for the selected initiatives.
For more information, contact our team.

“Having a third-party moderator really allows for us to openly express our thoughts!”
– Mark Melvin, CTO, ePlus (VMware PAC member)
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