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Partner Program Design   |   Partner Profile & Value Proposition
Partner Growth Plan  |  Partnering Return on Investment

Partner Program Design

Do you need a scalable way to engage, empower and evolve partners? We increase your sales leverage, customer services and success.

We will work with you to:

  • Create contemporary segmentation structures for your partner ecosystem based on the roles they fulfill with customers
  • Design the framework to engage, empower and manage partners across partner roles and engagement levels
  • Define the partnering requirements at each level: influence, resale, training/certification, customer satisfaction, renewal levels
  • Recommend the benefits to align with expectations: compensation, joint sales engagement, access to APIs, services support
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Partner Profiles & Value Proposition

Are you looking to engage new partner types or new to developing partnerships? We help you gain more traction with partners in new markets, new product sets and/or new offerings.

Our team will help you:

  • Define the partner role in the sales, services and success lifecycle – what the expectations are of the partner and what you, the vendor, will do
  • Craft the target partner profile(s) with specific company characteristics and create a scorecard as a framework for partner identification and selection
  • Develop messaging describing why partners should work with you
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Partner Growth Plan

Do you need to set the expectation of ecosystem size and resources to manage it? We develop a prescriptive plan to grow an effective partnering ecosystem, across elements and phases.

Rely on us to:

  • Define the number of partners you need to meet company goal identifying revenue or influence expected and the timeframe for the return.
  • Align resources to generate the desired return associated with ecosystem growth milestones
  • Recommend when to recruit, onboard, communicate, collaborate, evaluate to meet to revenue and numbers of partner expectations.
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Partnering Return on Investment

Do you need to provide your leadership team with the expected return from investing in a partner ecosystem? We develop a business case for partnering.

Our team of experts will:

  • Construct a financial model that includes partner practice start-up investments, ongoing expenses and a three-year growth trend projection.
  • Calculate the investment and expected return over time for partners who engage with you.
  • Determine the investments you should make in partnering across enablement and engagement activities, resources and budgets and the partner contribution to your business in terms of revenue, influence, and/or customer success.
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Advice Hours

Do you need a thinking buddy to bounce ideas against? We answer your questions on partnering practices and policies in less than 24 hours.

Get personal attention:

  • Any time you have a burning partner question. Shoot us an email and one of our subject matter experts will get back to you within 24 hours. We will tell you what we know and also tell if you if we don’t know! Some answers can be sent via email/message, but we prefer to chat about the topic (over the phone, video conference or in person).
  • With a 30-minute thinking-partner session. You will have a peer (outside of your internal team or bosses) to chat with about ideas, options and trends. Not only are we experts in partnering models, framework, programs and trends – we talk with hundreds of partnering insiders every year who face similar challenges.

For more information and to book Inquiry Hours, contact our team.

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