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Tech Channel Video Cast: Summer School Roundup


TechChannelVideoCast.pngThis week PartnerPath Principals Diane Krakora and Carol Neslund, discuss our summer education series on "Lessons in Leadership." Carol hosted the series in July and early August with a goal to help you 'become a better boss,' the four sessions included: (1) Become a good communicator; (2) Coach for your team to succeed; (3) Confronting nonperformance; (4) Leveraging power and influence productively.

In this 10-minute roundup of the online series, Carol reveals her biggest takeaways from the sessions. What were attendees most excited to learn about? What topics received the most questions? The most feedback? What was she surprised to hear? Take a listen and see if you have the same questions or feedback then listen to all the webinars and let us know what you think. 

Watch Session 1: "Becoming a Better Communicator"

Carol Giles Neslund Diane Krakora headshot
Carol Neslund, Principal at PartnerPath Diane Krakora,
CEO at PartnerPath 

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