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Tech Channel Video Cast: Leveraging POS Data


TechChannelVideoCast.pngThis week, hosts Charlene O'Hanlon, channel industry editor & writer, and Diane Krakora, CEO of PartnerPath, discuss leveraging Point of Sale (POS) data into other aspects of your channel organization to drive more partnering insights.

Diane attended the Zyme Channel Data Management Global Summit event and got really excited about all the data available through these systems.  Can you imagine closed loop reporting from deal registration to verified reporting on which channel partner closed which deal, for how many units and at what street price? POS data becomes really cool when you can align the channel partner profile and characteristics with partner behaviors (marketing activities, training certifications and deal registration) with the verified sell-through data. You can get predictive! Partners that look like this and do these things can produce these results.




The 6 Pillars of Partner Experience

Charlene-O'Hanlon-headshot Diane Krakora headshot
Charlene O'Hanlon, Editor & Writer Diane Krakora,
CEO at PartnerPath 

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