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Tech Channel Video Cast: How to Be a Better Boss


TechChannelVideoCast-7This week Diane Krakora, CEO of PartnerPath is joined by Carol Neslund, Principal at PartnerPath to discuss our latest webinar on 5 Ways to Be a Better Boss .

In 10 minutes or less, get the skinny on the webinar on how to be a better boss. First hint: be a leader, not a boss (d'oh!).

  1. Communicate clearly and often
  2. Coach your team for success
  3. Demonstrate respect and appreciations
  4. Manage consistently and fairly
  5. Leverage  your power and influence productively

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Carol Giles Neslund Diane Krakora headshot
Carol Neslund, Principal at PartnerPath Diane Krakora,
CEO at PartnerPath 

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