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Tech Channel Video Cast: 4 Ways to Automate the Partner Experience


 TechChannelVideoCast.pngThis week, hosts Charlene O'Hanlon, channel industry editor & writer, and Diane Krakora, CEO of PartnerPath, recap four key ways that IT vendors can automate the partner experience.

We highlight 4 key points from the PartnerPath webinar on Ways to Automate the Partner Experience:

  1. A unified single sign-on experience
  2. Performance dashboards
  3. Access to support information (customers support tickets)
  4. Enrollment and on-boarding processes



And for the full report what affects the partners overall experience with a vendor:

The 6 Pillars of Partner Experience



Charlene-O'Hanlon-headshot Diane Krakora headshot
Charlene O'Hanlon, Editor & Writer Diane Krakora,
CEO at PartnerPath 

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