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Digital Marketing Drives Success


Both Vendors and Partners Benefit from Digital Marketing Activities

By Amanda Hawkins, Marketing Director

"Our partners don't know how to do marketing and don't understand the importance of digital marketing." I heard statements like this several times last year and I've gotta say, I think I know how channel partners feel.

When I started working here at PartnerPath, the majority of my work experience was not in traditional marketing. I needed to take the skills I did have and figure out how to create new marketing initiatives. Should we continue mailing out industry reports, attending channel events and calling prospects? Or should I focus more on digital marketing activities like informative emails, webinars, blogs, site updates and social media posts? In a small company and without a large team to help, figuring out how to best brand your company, products and services can be extremely daunting.

The good news is, when we asked partners, "How does your company plan to grow profitability in 2016?" in our recent State of Partnering report, the top answer (at 62.7%) was, "do more proactive marketing." Partners WANT to get better at marketing. As a vendor, you're in a unique position to help partners grow their business and succeed. If you help them with digital marketing, their success will likely produce better channel sales for you and also go far in the battle to win partner mindshare.

Lend your partners a helping hand and have a conversation with them about how to get started or improve their digital marketing efforts. We've created the infographic below to visualize how to get started but, perhaps more importantly, why digital marketing is critical to success.



Amanda Hawkins is Marketing Director at PartnerPath and brings 10 years of print design to the digital marketing table. So, make sure your marketing materials look good, digital or otherwise. Good design and good marketing go hand-in-hand.

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