Is PRM what's missing in your channel success strategy?

Why, When & What to Automatewhat-why-when-automate






Your executive team has proclaimed you will be a channel-centric company. Yay! That means your growth and profitability will be fueled by more channel and alliance partners. However, your bosses haven’t provided an army of channel operations, marketing and sales resources. But fear not, if you implement automation systems properly you can engage more partners to drive more revenues with the same resources.

In this whitepaper we share:

  • What benefits you get from automation – and what results you should not promise your executives
  • At what stage of your company growth (and partnering maturity) you should invest in automation (and how much)
  • What processes and communications you should automate at each stage

Whether your channel is just launching or an established part of your company, this report is full of practical information on how to use automation to improve your core channel strategy.

See "What" awaits!


Succeed with PRM from Channel Experts

“PartnerPath has mastered developing the products, solutions and programs needed to facilitate successful and profitable relationships with partners. Your solutions make my job so much easier, and most importantly, make our partners more successful selling our solutions.”
Jacqueline Witter | former Director Global Channel Programs & Enablement at Good Technology