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Partner Portal & Content Management

Are you giving the right impression to partners?

Keep content fresh and relevant through an easy-to-use CMS to post and manage news and resources in your partner portal. A branded resource center allows your partners to browse resources by category, product, industry, service and/or document type.


  • Marketing resources – collateral and links for kits, guides, campaigns and more
  • Technical resources – collateral and links for technical guides, beta drivers, tools and references
  • Learning resources – collateral and links to learning and certification portals

Target content to the right partners

  • Profile-based targeting – select content associated by partner type, program level and/or regions and content will then only display for partners matching those profiles
  • User Role targeting – post content to communicate to specific groups of users based on their portal role
  • Partner Type targeting – share materials with all partners or only specific partner types

Easy-to-use tools to keep your portal fresh

  • Control your content via an easy to use WYSIWYG editor – no HTML skills required and no need to contact IT
  • Dynamically define content pages and placements
  • Add links to external resources like industry sites, company portals or external documents
  • Schedule documents to automatically publish on a designated start date
  • Set an end date to have documents automatically archive

Collect data on partner activity

  • See which partners are logging in to the portal and engaging with available content
  • Access reporting by partner type, level, geography, specific partner, user and over time
  • View data on document downloads, page views and partners by program elements


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