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Partner Enrollment And Profiling

Get the right partners on board and selling faster.

Effectively manage the partner program application, agreement and renewal process with partner enrollment and profiling tools in your PRM.


Create an easy online application for partners

  • Standard form with configurable fields

Your team quickly approves or declines

  • Workflow for review and approval of form, routed to appropriate approvers determined by partner type and geography
  • Email communications to partner and internal approvers

Streamlined contract process

  • Program terms and conditions click wrap agreement
  • Contracts retain viewable historic references to the terms and conditions (T&Cs) the partner company agreed to at time of enrollment even if the partner program’s terms and conditions are subsequently updated
  • Automated email notifications to partners and internal users during the contract renewal process

Manage partner company (account) profiles

  • View and search partner companies, login profiles and partner data via an easy-to-use and consistent search interface
  • Record, search and manage partner company details

Manage user registration and portal user (contact) profiles

  • Users self-register once their company is accepted by entering their email address and profile information about their role and contact information
  • Each user has a profile indicating their company name, contact information, job title and job function

Learn from detailed reporting

  • Enrollment forms: pending approval, approved and declined
  • Number of partners accepted over time
  • Contracts by partner tiers and types
  • Geographic distribution of new partners
  • Application service level (time from submit to approval


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