Does your channel team work well with your partners?

Report: Building a World-Class Partner Management Team

How can vendors and channel partners work together to best serve their mutual customers? This question is as critical today as it was in the days of the first mainframes. Of course, much has changed about how vendors and their partners coordinate efforts since that time. But what stays the same is the fact that a solid partner management team is essential to the success of your indirect channel.

World Class Partner Management ThumbnailTopics discussed:

  • The roles you need
  • Coverage planning
  • Teaming models
  • The skills to cultivate
  • Compensation and metrics

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Actionable Assessments

“PartnerPath provided a comprehensive and actionable assessment and benchmark. We are using their channel expertise and insights to streamline processes enhancing our partners’ experience and engagement.”
Josh Jensen | Director, WW Channel Partner Marketing | HP