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Identify Your Potential Customers (And Hand Out Swag)


By Megha Suryawanshi, Business Development Specialist

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Dreamforce Tips from a Developer


Schedule, Bookmark, Attend and Have a Good App

By Chad Peterson, Senior Database Architect

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Why Won't You Talk To Me?


By Amanda Hawkins, Marketing Manager

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Seven Vendor Trends Emerge to Help Partners


By Hobart Swan. The emergence of cloud computing has created opportunities and challenges for channel partners. This move to the cloud, along with changes in how companies purchase technology, calls for changes on the part of vendors, too. Diane Krakora, CEO of PartnerPath, shared seven emerging trends as vendors search for new ways to support partners in a changing market. Read the rest of the article here.

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Managing vendor relationships: When to fire your vendor


By Lynn Haber

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Clash of the Partner Conferences


By Diane Krakora, CEO, PartnerPath

In the last two months, I’ve have the opportunity to attend the partner conferences of two of the IT Titans - Cisco and Microsoft. Both excellent in their own right and hailed by the partners in attendance as the best conference they go to. However, they were very different experiences for me as an analyst.

Let’s first look at the timing and location choices of the two. The Cisco Partner Summit was held the first week of June in Boston, MA. And although it was unseasonably warm that week, Boston heat and humidity does not compare to the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, the first week of July. Both conferences were about 4 days long – and both commented that it was a “condensed format” this year – down from 5 full days (with pre-sessions).

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The Pulse on Partnering: The New Enablement


New, but improved?...

By Diane Krakora, CEO

Well, it seems the “new enablement” of channel partners is kind of like the old enablement, just more complex. I realize that doesn’t sound like good news. Sorry, that’s the feedback we got from our Channel Executive Roundtable today. We had some of the brightest channel minds from some of the top companies – Citrix, Dell, IBM, SAP – to name a few – to pontificate about partner enablement. Alas, even with an open and honest dialog among an elite group, we didn’t come away with a silver bullet. Drat.

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VMware - Getting back to partner basics


Mia Blank – Client Services Director

A lot going on the high tech world these days. Not only are distributors, resellers, VARs and other partner types trying to figure out their role in this ‘cluster model’ route to market (i.e. the Cloud), but the vendors are also trying to figure out what their partner’s roles are and what partners are going to be key for them to continue to drive business.

Back in the day, the route-to-market model was clear and very linear: Vendor to distributor to reseller/integrator to customer. In today’s cloudy world, the route isn’t quite so straight. We see distributors blurring the lines by offering aggregation and their own implementation services. Resellers are partnering with other resellers to provide more comprehensive solutions to the customer. It’s a cluster world now and companies need to figure out their role or they are going to be left in the dust.

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Fresh Blood or Instability? Channel Changes at the Top







Diane Krakora – CEO

I’m just back from the IBM PartnerWorld Business Leadership Conference where about 2,000 partner executives and about 200 IBM Vice Presidents descended into Las Vegas for their annual meeting. Amidst the product announcements, cloud conversation and commitments to more and better leads to partners there was one curious trend I noticed: The IBM corporation sure likes to change their partnering executives a lot. Rich Hume was IBM’s channel chief for 2 years and handed the reigns over to Mark Henessey at last year’s conference. This seemed curious to me as I’m used to seeing channel executives stick around for about 5 years – so I made it my mission to find out what the partners thought.

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The War of the Devices: Microsoft, Stay the Course!


Beth Vanni – Vice President

Should Microsoft be in the hardware business? I’m sure there have been raging debates on the pros and cons of this important strategy conversation within the hallowed halls of Redmond for decades. But today, this question is more urgent and strategic than it’s ever been.

Clearly, Microsoft is already in the hardware business with KINECT and their wide range of keyboards, mice, and web cams. They’ve also dabbled with specialized devices like the Surface tabletop display in the past (though it’s still a part of the product line today, being built by another hardware OEM). And, the intensity with which they have managed product integration, pricing and packaging with their hardware OEMs is great evidence of the fact that they want to control the availability of Windows PCs, but not manufacture them themselves.

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