Ease of Doing Business Takes Top Priority for 2012

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Diane-Krakora-headshotby Diane Krakora, CEO

In our last webinar, we invited Mont Phelps, CEO of NWN Corporation and Simon Palmer, CEO of STA to share their perspective on our 6th Annual State of Partnering Study findings. Teaming up with MarketStar and PureChannels, this study queried 98 vendors and 250 solution providers on their investments, priorities and challenges for 2012.

Ease of Doing Business has been listed over the past four years as an important priority for vendors. This year, it actually was the top priority. We think this is due to the need to help partners leverage skills investments to accelerate top-line sales growth such as technology capabilities and certifications. How big of a problem is channel program complexity still? Are you seeing vendors becoming easier to do business with?

“I think every vendor we deal with across the board is hard to do business with,” Palmer candidly said. “What we want to achieve and what our vendors want to achieve need to be better aligned.”

Phelps adds, “Quite a number of vendors say they want to be easier to do business with. Cisco even said they would cut a percentage out of the cost of doing business. This would benefit us all. The vendors are trying, but they still have a long way to go. We had to hire people to help manage the programs and certifications we hold, all 350 of them. There has to be an easier way. I think we can work together to smooth out some of the rough edges in the relationship.”

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