Webinar Wrap-Up: Three Best Practices for Partner Automation

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Learn the secrets to enrolling and engaging partners in your automation program

Diane Krakora, CEO

Amazon Consulting CEO Diane Krakora recently shared a webinar microphone with Nancy Gapter, vice president of marketing for distributor Arrow ECS for an interesting discussion on the Three Best Practices of Partner Automation.

Amazon Consulting has been working with Arrow ECS to help automate the distributor’s partner relationships and vendor supplier management. Together, we’ve created a powerful system for partners and suppliers – one that offers such fundamental elements as a marketing shopping cart, a training path, a portal where partners can get tools and resources and watch videos (an excellent medium for communication, by the way).

But a system is only successful when partners not only use its features, but also leverage it to help grow and develop their businesses. In this webcast, we discuss these three best practices that help drive the behavior necessary for successful partner automation.

Briefly, they are:

  1. Take a phased approach by focusing on a few elements at a time, as you test and work with partners to ensure that what you’re doing is what they need.
  2. Solicit partner involvement very early in the process to ensure that you’re addressing the greatest pain points and instituting the system elements that will help partners the most.
  3. Make it easy for partners to use the systems.

Our next webinar, called “Rookie to Rock Star: the art of acceleration” is Thursday, October 21, at 9 a.m. We’ll be discussing how to onboard and train new partners.

To learn more of the details about Arrow’s system and the specific steps they’ve taken to roll out a successful automation system, you can listen to the webcast or read the transcript here.

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